2017 India International Textile Machinery Exhibition opens, China Textile Machinery Pavilion shines overseas


On December 7, the four-day India International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMACH INDIA 2017) kicked off at the Ghandinagar Exhibition Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is reported that the exhibition area of ​​textile machinery at this exhibition reached 15,000 square meters, and more than 300 companies from China, Germany, Switzerland and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition. Among them, nearly 100 Chinese textile machinery companies participated in the exhibition. Concentrated displays including spinning, weaving, knitting, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, non-woven and other equipment.

At 12:00 am local time in India, the organizer held an opening ceremony in the exhibition hall. Wang Shutian, President of China Textile Machinery Association, Liang Pengcheng, Vice President of Textile Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Gu Ping, Vice President of China Textile Machinery Association, Relevant leaders of the Gujarat state government of India and relevant persons in charge of the textile industry attended the opening ceremony.

When attending the opening ceremony, Wang Shutian said: India, as an important global textile market, is also an important market for China's textile machinery exports. For many years, India has consistently ranked first among China's exporting countries and regions. In recent years, the technical level of China’s textile machinery has continued to improve. Nearly one hundred Chinese textile machinery companies participated in this exhibition. The product technology covers the equipment technology of the entire textile industry chain. Among them, there are many valuable innovations. The cooperation between China and India will jointly promote the docking and exchanges between the industries of the two countries and promote the better development of the textile industry.

Liang Pengcheng, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch, attended the opening ceremony

Actively lay out in India and support Made in China

Looking at the world, as far as the overall strength of the textile industry is concerned, no one can compete with China in the entire industrial chain from fiber raw materials to end products. However, we really cannot ignore the emerging textile markets that have been eye-catching in recent years. Their growth speed seems to have surpassed our imagination. For example, India has a population of 1.3 billion, a textile market size of 120 billion US dollars, and 50 million spindles. , And these numbers are still rising.

And Gujarat, where the ITMACH INDIA 2017 exhibition is held, is also an important textile town in India, with a large number of spinning, weaving, knitting, and finishing companies.

Gu Ping, vice president of China Textile Machinery Association, said that as a service provider of China's textile machinery industry, China Textile Machinery Association has always been guiding the innovation and development of the industry while continuing to pay attention to changes in overseas markets. For many years, India has consistently ranked first among more than 160 exporting countries and regions of China's textile machinery, and currently the country has a large number of systematic textile industry development support policies. This time, China Textile Machinery Association has joined hands with the Council for the Promotion of International Trade and its partners in India. Promoting the holding of the ITMACH INDIA 2017 exhibition is also due to the importance of the Indian market and good market development prospects, as well as the need for Chinese textile machinery to "go global". At this exhibition, Chinese textile machinery companies appeared in the form of a Chinese pavilion. The scene was very eye-catching, and it became an important window for Indian textile companies to learn more about Chinese textile machinery companies, products and technologies in a more systematic, comprehensive and true manner.

Fight in groups to show China's strength

Obviously, the Textile Machinery Association and the Textile Council for the Promotion of International Trade have a clear intention to promote the holding of this India exhibition. They will create a better platform for Chinese textile machinery companies to "go global", so that more Indian textile companies can understand Chinese equipment and reshape China's textile industry. The global brand image of the machine.

For these concepts, the Chinese pavilion companies all agree.

Chu Jian'an, chairman of Xi'an Degao Printing and Dyeing Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., said that this is his second visit to India. In five years, he has felt that India has changed a lot, and the progress of the whole society is very obvious. "Through visiting local textile companies, I have more deeply felt the strong pulse of India’s economic development. At present, the development of China’s textile industry and textile machinery industry is very good, and the current status of India’s economic and industrial development is that of China. The company's'walking in' provides a good foundation for in-depth docking with the development of the Indian textile industry."

Talking about the format of this exhibition, he very much recognized: "This exhibition, Chinese textile machinery companies are exhibiting in the form of exhibition groups, which is very good. At present, with the rapid development of China's textile industry, especially in recent years, China The technical level of textile machinery is rapidly improving, shortening or even closing the distance with the international first-class level. However, corresponding to this development speed, the overall image and brand influence of China Textile Machinery have not been improved simultaneously. This time, the Association Being able to organize a group exhibition is of great benefit to enhancing the overall image of textile machinery equipment "Made in China." Nearly a hundred Chinese companies are exhibiting in the form of a national pavilion in China's largest textile machinery export area. While enhancing the image of the industry, It also gives every Chinese company participating in the exhibition a more trustworthy background, because it is the China Textile Machinery Association that we "endorsed". I believe that for more Indian textile companies to visit, there will be more trust and confidence." Chu Jianan said. At the same time, he also believes that the development of India’s textile industry requires good equipment, and the strong competitiveness of China’s textile machinery industry will definitely find a good focus in this market, allowing the production and demand of the two countries to progress. More effective docking and cooperation.

Tao Zhoulong, general manager of Jiangyin Weiyu Riyi Machinery Co., Ltd., also expressed optimism about the strong demand prospects of the Indian textile industry, and from the perspective of the country’s industrial development, there will be good market opportunities in the weaving sector as a major player in the weaving sector. For equipment companies, Tao Zhoulong thinks that this market has a promising future.

"We found that India's textile industry is still very high in terms of equipment configuration, and they use more high-end equipment from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, etc., but Chinese equipment is not seen." Tao Zhoulong talked about visiting Indian textile companies Shi said that, in his view, from the perspective of the equipment used by Indian companies and the products they produce, Indian textile companies can have more optimized equipment configurations that can meet current production needs and reduce cost input. "Obviously, they still have such a real feeling. At the same time, more Chinese equipment companies need to have more exchanges so that they can see the true strength of China Textile Machinery. In addition, we need to better enhance our brand Influence." Tao Zhoulong said.

"Chinese textile machinery enterprises exhibited in the form of a pavilion. I think it has built a very good platform, which is very beneficial to Chinese textile machinery enterprises. This pavilion has nearly one hundred enterprises, equipment in the textile industry chain Basically, it will be more convenient for Indian textile companies to choose, which is also one of our major advantages. In expanding overseas markets, a company’s individual exhibition will be much weaker and it is difficult to get more attention. In the form of a team, it not only has a good overall image of China's textile machinery, but also shows the strength of China's manufacturing, allowing them to see a more comprehensive level of China's textile machinery manufacturing technology."

Ding Feng, the general manager of Wuxi Golden Sun New Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is the second time to participate in India. Compared with ten years ago, he thinks the current time is better. "We are here this year because we are optimistic about the Indian market. The Indian textile industry started early and it is rising rapidly. As a professional equipment manufacturer serving textile enterprises, I feel that we should grasp the current good Market opportunities.” Speaking of this exhibition, Ding Feng also regretted that he could not bring the equipment due to some special reasons. In his opinion, the effect of bringing equipment to the exhibition will definitely be better, because the Indian market is full of business opportunities. "Yesterday, the Association took us to visit three local textile companies. Judging from the situation of these companies, the momentum is very good, and two of them are related to our business. During the exchange, they also recognized our products. , There will be cooperation possibilities in the future."

As a member of the China Pavilion this time, Ding Feng also likes this form of exhibition very much. For him, who often travels to various countries and has rich exhibition experience, he greatly appreciates being able to participate in the China Pavilion organized by the Association. The overall image of the regiment was exhibited, and in his opinion, the effect was very good. "Team combat is more competitive, just as our company has learned to attack as a team in business, and has already bid farewell to fighting alone, because we know that the team has more advantages and strength."

It is reported that, in order to better promote China’s excellent product technology and allow Indian textile companies to have a deeper understanding of the new products and technologies of China’s textile machinery, during the exhibition, the China Textile Machinery Association and the Textile Council for the Promotion of International Trade also organized special promotion meetings. Few domestic equipment companies will have the opportunity to appear on stage. The Chinese textile machinery companies exhibit in India this time, not only for India, but also for the global industry to see China's textile machinery's global development pace and highly competitive product technology.

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