1. The Machine use the fully computerized system, PLC program control system, HMI, input by touch screen, simple for operation.  2. Servo motor drive E- traverse, the forming is more better than the traditional gear box. 3. The material Yarn can directly use on the machine, do not need rewind on other special tube. The feeding yarn tube and the take- up tube are same size, more convenient for using. 4. Adopt the two motor synchronous driving system(in head box and tail box),ensure whole set machine spindles runing in same speed. 5. Several Spindle Size for choose (230mm 250mm, 280mum, 320mm and so on), according to the truth to choose the correct size spindle.Reasonable and high efficiency.

LB-310G High Speed Two-for-one Twister

Chemical fiber filament Two-for-one Twister,it achieves one rotation on the spindle, two twists in the yarn, the efficiency ratio is fold increase compared with traditional machine. . winding volume increased. There is no joint in ten thousand meter yarn, twisting quality highly improved.

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