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BL-626 Bobbin Winder (Match with yarn covering machine)

It's the pretreatment procedure for covering yarn, especially for POY, DTY, FDY, nylon, and cotton yarn etc,then used on yarn covering machine.

BL-627 Winding Machine. (Match with Twisting Machine)

It' s a supporting equipment of two-for-one twister. Used to wind different kind synthetic yarn on the matched tube and then used on the two-for-one twister.

BL-818 Doubling Machine

1.Each Spindle with a Motor, speed control by Main Inverter, speed adjustment will be more easy, and convenient for operation. 2.Adopt yarn broken detector to avoid any strands absent. 3. HMI : speed set and length set input through touch screen, operation ease.  4.Tension device: Simply adjust yarn tension by changing tension slices 5. Use two main Inverters to control machine each side. so it can make different type yarn on one machine at same time.

BL-828 Winding Machine

It's for high speed yarn winding or rewinding using, suit for winding like Fiberyarns, Cotton yarns, FDY, Polyester yarns and etc, and it can take up with Conical Cone or Tube bobbins. Meet the process of dyeing or high-speed weaving and back complex cylinder pipe mode (commonly known as the cone to cone). It is used to make the final products.